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  2. How to reset mv timer/s

    In Churchyard (gl_chyard_).
  3. How to reset mv timer/s

    Dear, Dia, Please add this function. And one more, create a timer with its own name (MVP). You do not have one MVP (Dark Lord) in the list, in the old Glast Heim.
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  6. Differnt card description

    The korean version should be correct, 5%.
  7. Changed Item Files
  8. Differnt card description

    Hello! Could you explain me correct behavior of Facewrom cards set (faceworm larva [27167] + faceworm egg) in english version it is +15% for combo, but at kRO only 5%, which one is correct? Is it possible that new cards which hard to farm could be in combo like simple Raydric card?
  9. Changed Item Files
  10. kRO changelog November 15, 2017

    Changed Item Files
  11. Added Robe Item Changed Item
  12. Added Item Changed ItemRandOption Item
  13. Added Item Changed Quest NpcIdentity Item Files
  14. bRO changelog November 13, 2017

    Changed Item Files
  15. Added Item Changed Item
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  17. Changed Item Files
  18. Changed Quest Files
  19. Added Item Changed Item
  20. Changed Item Files
  21. bRO changelog November 07, 2017

    Changed Item Files
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